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The TONE design studio team offers a full cycle of window design for residential and commercial premises. Object surveying, consultation, development and assembly.

Window design execution process, recommendations for clients - looking for here.


In Studio TONE, it is possible to order fabrics, interior fabrics from well-known European manufacturers such as Eustergerling, Thema, IFI, A House of Happiness, Holland Haag, PORTER & STONE

FRYETT'S etc. A small insight into the collections that can be viewed and ordered at the TONE studio.

You can familiarize yourself with the wide range of fabrics in the studio TONE Kr. Baron's 49

IFI- A Greek company that made a strong appearance on the market in 2000. It prides itself on high quality standards and is very thoughtful about the composition of the fabric - the natural fiber component is very important in IFI fabrics. Luxury inspired by nature.

PORTER & STONE- an English company, engaged in the production of curtains and interior fabrics. A great range of fabrics with gorgeous, classic and eccentric patterns.

A House of Happiness- Netherlands-based production facility is very proud of the "greenest" production cycle and choice of materials. Many fabrics from this manufacturer's collections are made from recycled materials and no plastic is used in fabric packaging. 

In the TONE design studio, it is possible to order all kinds of indoor blinds solutions from several quality-proven European manufacturers, which allows customers to choose the most suitable solution.

  • Wooden

  • Roll-up, DAY/NIGHT, for roll-up windows

  • Horizontal metal

  • Vertical

  • Cloth-romanstyle

  • Pleated

  • For roof windows (VELUX, ROTTO products)

  • Automatic (cooperation partners SOMFY, FOREST)