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Curtains, blinds order cycle

  • we meet at the TONE design studio, we listen to the client's wishes and vision. We look at samples of fabric, curtain rods and blinds, choose what might suit what we want. Can we communicate via e-mail, phone and arrange a meeting at the facility.

  • we meet at the client's home/office/premises where window design is required. We take the exact dimensions, advise on the most suitable solution and examine fabric, blinds samples already in the real room / light where they will be located. This step is very important, because with our experience we notice things that customers often miss, for example, the protrusion of the radiator from the wall, how it affects the choice of the most suitable solution... there are many such details that need attention._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • preparation and approval of the estimate

  • production of blinds, production of curtain rods according to the desired (within 0.5 cm) dimensions, sewing of curtains, which is provided to us by a team of highly experienced seamstresses. Making curtains takes about 7 - 10 days, but if the specific fabric is made to order, then you should expect ~ 3-4 weeks.

  • Installation of all materials, ironing of curtains, assembly provided by experienced masters.

Curtains or blinds

There are several factors to consider in favor of one or the other​.

Curtains undeniably create a cozier, more luxurious feel, reduce noise and echo, and are easier to maintain. With curtains, by choosing a suitable fabric, it is possible to change the design feel and proportions of the room. 

However, if the rooms are not spacious, it should be expected that the curtains will narrow it, because the product "exits" from the plane of the walls.

Blinds, on the other hand, are chosen by customers who prefer minimalism in the interior, want to avoid unnecessary details, but keep the function - to hide from  eyes,  sunlight or bright moonlight. A wide (around 300) selection of fabrics is also possible for blinds to find the most suitable tone, style and pattern for the customer's home or commercial premises. Owners of small spaces appreciate the compactness of blinds.


Since curtains, blinds, curtain rails and rods are specially made according to individual dimensions, it should be taken into account that the price is made up of several components:

  • product type (blinds: wooden, metal, fabric, roller blinds)

  • fabric, blind material (light-blocking soblackout, light suppressing,screen, decorative...)

  • individual sizes

  • for curtains - the degree of sewing complexity

To find out the price of the window design solution you are interested in, we recommend that you consult TONE designers in person at the TONE studio in Kr. Barona 49 or get an approximate price offer by calling or sending an e-mail. 

Prices for services:

Designer's visit to the object with samples of materials, consultation, taking measurements, drawing up an estimate: 25 eur (within Riga, outside Riga - price negotiable).


The assembly and ironing of rods, blinds and curtains is provided by a team of experienced TONE masters to obtain the best possible end result. Curtains are ironed and hung, blinds and rods are mounted with the most appropriate fasteners, taking into account the customer's specific wall and ceiling decoration.

In addition, we offer curtain cleaning service. Service includes: removal of curtains, roman blinds, cleaning, ironing and assembly of products. For pricing of this service, please contact us!

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