We are a mother's & daughter's duo running a family business. After working as colleagues in one of the biggest curtain saloons in Latvia we decided, that it is time for our own – TONE design studio- story to began. We've been in the world of curtains for 15 years, so everything has been seen and done in this field- with years of experience in field of interior and upholstery fabrics. For us, the most valued is personal attitude toward each order and every customer. 

+371 29469911
m: diana@tone.lv
Previous working experience:
1995- 2005 designer in interior desing store Alan DEKO 
2006- 2017 designer in interior design saloon SIENA 

+371 20381992
m: linda@tone.lv
Previous working experience:
2015- 2018  designer in interior design saloon SIENA